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Friday, August 19th, 2005
3:42 pm - Woow.
I leave on Thursday for Florida to go college. Don't want to go at all. Heh oh well. This has been an amazing summer. I'm excited for Sunday. That's all. Bye.

current mood: calm

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Friday, December 17th, 2004
4:35 pm - Sweet
Guess I haven't updated in a while. Nothing's really happened probably why. So this week's been pretty good. On tuesday I got my liscense (Goodness I'm the worst it took my three tries). It's so convinient being able to drive.. especially when you're the only one who can't and have to bum rides off everyone. So that was a plus.. epsecialy not having to ride the shame train to school and wiating in 15 degree weather at the bus stop. But yeah on the way home from school me and Jackie were in the car driving home and some douche bag decides to leave his lane and fly straight at me making me turn left thereby scarpping the side of my car into a guard rail and denting it. Of course she finds this hilarious and starts cracking up. My mom wasn't mad though and when I got home I got the letter from Flagler and I'm accepted. So yeah speaking of 15 degree weather.. not for TOO much longer.:) So yeah those were the 2 thigns I really wanted.. now I just need a-another job since i-Rita's is closed until March so I won't have another job until it's back up for the summer and ii-I can drive now so can get a better job and b-A nice girlfriend or girl to hang out with.:P But yeah.. people always use these journals to complain and stuff and I'm not realy sure why.. maybe because they're looking for sympathy but yeah my life's going pretty good and I'm glad to use "LJ" for that for once.:P Plus.. it's Christmas in 8 days.. and if nothing else that means no school. $$$$$$

Yeah that's all I got to say because going on anymore would be useless since in total..-1 people read this.:P

current mood: relieved

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
6:15 pm

So pretty much my weekend was okay. On Friday I think I was supposed to do something like go bowling I can't recall... but those plans fell through so I just watched TV. Saturday I went to the last football game of the season for the HS. Was way too cold to be out there. I was supposed to tape it but Lindsay, Ava, Jesse, and Sam did for me.. that was pretty cool. Then I came home and hung out with Chris. Then I watched Saved! with my sister. I also watched Mean Girls with her. I rented Jerky Boys but didnt watch it. My sister went back to Boston a few minutes ago. She'll be back for Thanksgiving then Christmas. Speaking of leaving, on Friday I finally got in my Flagler application. My counsler seemed pretty flipping shady about getting it out on time. She better. As long as it's in my December 1st. I get my reply by Decemeber 15th. I really hope I get in because I a-avoided applyign to any other school and am getting a late start on going anywhere that isn't easy to get into, b-I really do want to go there. A lottttt of reasons, c-I'll have to go to like Temple or La Salle or Bucks if i don't get in.. and there's no problllllem with that I just don't like the city and as I said.. would much rather go to Flagler. It kind of makes me sad when my sister always has to leave as soon as she gets here so I guess if I went to Florida like I inted to it would be worse but ... I don't think it'll be too bad anyway so I'm not so worried about that. But my mom said she was crying because she thinks I'm going to leave and promised I wouldn't.. whatever.. hopefully she's not too sad because then I'd feel bad.

Anyway I don't think anyone reads this anymore because I never updated so everyone either don't use theirs no more, change this sn, or forgot who I was. Sounds familiar.:P

So there's pretty much no point in even writing this down. Maybe I write it for myself just to look back on in retrospect anyway.

current mood: worried

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Saturday, November 6th, 2004
4:33 pm - Stupid bodagats...
So pretty much I decided I'd update. It's one of those wereid ephianies I have while watching really stupid television programs and realize there's nothing else to do. Sweet. I didn't really have a motive for updating so really this is just about pretty much nothing.. a whole lot of filler. Do you ever wake up and just realize you were in like Idaho? I don't know. I've never been there. I didn't even know New Hampshire was a state. Weirrrrrrrd. Kerry won New Hampshire. He also won California. It'd be really sweet to be in California because it's 40 degrees out. Yesterday it was too. I had to go to some dumb football game at Pennridge. BAH! It was an hour away and okay.. I was supposed to ride the bus with Jess and Britt.. ooookay sweet that's fine. So isntead they get a ride. Not sweet. So I have to ride the bus with cheerleaders.. BY MYSELF. Only manness on that bus. So I sat there the whole time just staring at the back of the seat in front of me. Then all of a sudden my ankle just dies on me. (I still should be on crutches after my surgery but they were too much of a pain for this.) It absolutely felt like I tore something.. so I took my little support thing off and omggg it was swollen to all goodness and all purple looking.. wtf......... anyway.. so I got hoem and went like RIGHT to sleep because I had to take the ultra sweet SATs... and omgg I skipped a question but forgot to skip one on the answer sheet so the whole answer sheet had answers for the next question down.. I forgot which question I skipped so I had to go back (when youre told 500 times not to) and read every queston over and re-answer them.. all durign a 15 minute section I didn't get to fnish. UBER SWEET. You know how say.. once a month you have "one of those days" people allude to? YES.. THREE IN A ROW. Anyway.. Monday I'm turning in my application to Flagler.. hope I get in but wait.. I just ruined my SATs so I won't.. hopefully I fixed it okay andi f not hopefully my first try (1040) is acceptable. So I'm about to have Pizza and hopefully luck holds out and it's not like totally BURNT. Then I'm going to BestBuy. And then I have to write a flipping script for a 10 minute radio broadcast I have for public speaking. You know what WAS sweet though? a gosh darn 2 hour nap I had.

Sorry if you read that.. :P
Pedro loves you <3

current mood: restless

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
1:13 pm - Bah humbug

Last few days have been pretty eventful. I had work the past 3 nights and have work at 7 tonight. Cool I guess. Means money. Even though I make nothing.:P
The other day I got some hot shoes. Black adidas superstars with like.. CHROME stripes. Sweet. I knoow. Also got some black socks and a new beanie that was like wayyy too big for me. Last night I saw the movie Hero with like...Fred, Matt, Will, and Chris... Come on now. WATTT THE HECKKK. They tell me when I buy my ticket "The movies in subtitles.. is that okay?" THEY SHOULD'VE SAID "Wow.. this movies terrible.. please don't see it.. you're waisint 7 chigging dollars." Gooosh. A-the whole movie was in gosh darn japanese or chinese with subtitles.. okkkkay I can barely read let aloen read for 2 hours straight, B-it was like a cheesed out version of The Matrix, and C-it had 3 different stories an you had to figure out which was true... allll riiight if its not even in English and its got 3 stories HOW CAN I FOLLOW IT? Yeah.. Don't see Hero. $7 could go a far away. Bah. Well anyway after that God forksen experience we went back to Chris's and playing some video games and some junk. Beats seeing an awful movie kn'yameannnn.
Oh well. Today I'm going to see Napoleon Dynmamittttte and go to the golfing range with my sister. Yeah she leaves for Boston wednesday. Then I'll have work.

Still got to finish that stupid book. 368 pages in 3 days. oooow. Oh well. I'll pull it off.

However much I dislike using this junk to complain I got to thinking.. I don't know. A wee bit over 5 months ago me and Melissa broke up.. and yeah I'm finally over her that's not the problem. Yesterday my friend was telling me we were such a good couple and all that bs. Like what the heck is that. I know. It just makes me think that I'll never be able to a-find someone as good as her who's so good to me and b- be as happy for that year and a half I was with her. I know I'm young and all that junk and realistically the relationship had very minimal chances to last.. okkkay. But I never was unhappy as long as I had her and I know how hard it will be to match or top that and I doubt I ever will.. Kind of depressing to think when I was 16 I spent your happiest day and the rest of my life is only a failed attempt to match it. bbbahhhh. hopefully I'm wrong. But I've yet to come close to starting anything with anyone and anything near that seems so dull in comparison. It can't be everyone else.. it's got to be me.

Enough of that.
Hugs and handpounds <3

current mood: confused

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Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
11:28 pm - Whooooa
Yeah. I haven't updated in over a year. Don't ask what inspired me to come back to this blasted thing. I doubt no one even uses their journal that was on my friends list before. Oh well.

Summer's like over. 1 week left. I have to finish East of Eden by then. Only 450 some pages to go. Heh let's see if I pull that one off.

Was a relatively good summer. Had its' moments. Went away a decent amount of time. Drove to South Carolina for the first time. Was decent. Went to Wildwood.. as always a decent time. Went to Florida earlier in the summer. Got back from a weekend in Florida on Monday. Had a good time. Visited the college I'm pretty set on going to (Flagler College). Loved it. Just got to apply and get accepted. Betting easier said than done eh. Was supposed to go golfing the next day. Too bad it decided to rain and storm.. So much for that. Instead I hung out with my stalker of a cousin Christina and her friend Maegan. Was real glad to see her.<3.. Just not Christina 'cause we know I seen too much of her.;p Watched a bunch of movies..Reqiuem, American History X, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Pulp Fiction, Monster... suppose rape was the theme (thankss...). Next day went golfing with my uncle then out to dinner for his birthday. Yeah. When I wasn't away my summer was working.. and basically lame. Didn't expect much out of it seeing I have no friends heh.;p

Today was decent I guess. I got my hair cut. Looks as good as it will. Satisfied with it. Read some of that God forsaken book. Well it's not a bad book. Just long. Real long. Then I had work. I was expecting it to be real lame because Cindy was seeming in a real bad mood but then she came back from Wawa with some INSIDEOUT RESSES and it totalllly made my day. Sweet thing to do. But oh yeah. Then my day got ruined when my ride didn't come for 30 minutes. That ain't to cool.

I had much more to write but when it came time to type it it slipped my mind. Story of my life.=)


current mood: annoyed

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2003
8:26 pm - Survey.
Survey? What survey?

//series one - about you

---> Name: Gary
---> Birth date: May 24, 1987
---> Birthplace: Levitown?
---> Current Location: Bensalem
---> Eye Color: Blue
---> Hair Color: uhDirty blonde.
---> Right or Lefty: Ambidexterous
---> Zodiac Sign: Gemini
---> Innie or Outtie: Innie

// series two - describe

---> Your heritage: German and French
---> The shoes you wore today: Adidas Superstars with metallic blue to black faded stripes.
---> Your hair: Terrible today.
---> Your eyes: uh blue? Blue
---> Your weakness? Anger
---> Your fears: Death
---> Your perfect pizza: New Village
---> One thing you'd like to achieve: Love

// series three - what is

---> Your most overused phrase on aol\aim: I'm rarely online but it WAS 'hehe'.
---> Your thoughts first waking up: Remembering a dram I had.
---> The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: Face in general
---> Your best physical features: Who cares?
---> Your bedtime: I like to shoot for a big old 8:30, but I usually have to do work
---> Your greatest accomplishment: Getting Melissa and keeping her.
---> Your best memory: Every day spent with Melissa and the time with my band.

// series five - do you

---> Smoke: Yeah. Right.
---> Cuss: No.
---> Sing well: I wish.
---> Take a shower everyday: Yyes.
---> Want to go to college: Of course.
---> Like high school: Sure.
---> Want to get married: Duh.:)
---> Type with your fingers on the right keys: Eh
---> Believe in yourself: Yes.
---> Get motion sickness: No..
---> Think you're attractive: Never mattered to me.
---> Think you're a health freak: Definitely.
---> Get along with your parents: Yes.
---> Like thunderstorms: No big deal.
---> Play an instrument: Drums.

// series six - in the past month, did/have you

---> Drank alcohol: No.
---> Smoke(d): No.
---> Done a drug: No.
---> Made Out: I'd hope so.
---> Go on a date: I'd again hope.
---> Go to the mall?: Yes.
---> Been on stage: Uhm no.
---> Been dumped: No.
---> Gone skating: No.
---> Made homemade cookies: Nope.
---> Been in love: I belive so.
---> Gone skinny dipping: I wish.
---> Dyed your hair: Nope.
---> Stolen anything: Nnnope.

// series seven - have you ever?

---> Played a game that required removal of clothing?: Nope.
---> If so, was it mixed company: --
---> Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: No.
---> Been caught doing something: caught doing what? I got caught thrusting my penis into a wall.
---> Been called a tease: Yep.
---> Gotten beaten up: Yeah. In lacrosse this kid lashed out and tackled me.
---> Shoplifted: No?
---> If so, did you get caught: Er
---> Changed who you were to fit in: DUH

// series eight - the future

---> Age you hope to be married: "When the time is right."
---> Numbers and Names of Children: 2-4. Wife's choice.
--->Describe your Dream Wedding: Wife's choice.
---> What age do you want to die: I don't.
---> What do you want to be when you grow up: English Teacher. High School.
---> What country would you most like to visit: Seriously, Iraq.
---> Current Clothes: Brown University shirt with blue shorts with a white fade.
---> Current Mood: Anxious.
---> Current Taste: Empty.
---> Current Hair: Terrible.
---> Current Annoyance: Melissa not being home.
---> Current Smell: Kyle's B.O.
---> Current thing you ought to be doing: Staying off the computer.
---> Current Desktop Picture: Eh.. Windows Default.
---> Current Favorite Groups: I've been broadening my horizons and listening to a huge mix and not my old kind.. but last I checked or cared it was From Autumn to Ashes, Thursday, and Fairweather.
---> Current Book: Amazing Grace
---> Current DVD/VHS In Player: 8 Mile
---> Current Worry: Wondering when Melissa gets home.
---> Current Crush:

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Thursday, March 13th, 2003
4:20 pm
Haven't updated in forever. Oh well. Things been going great between Melissa and I.. see her all the time.. 5 months today actually.. not that long but longest amount for me. Been the best relationship as well as longest. Missed out on seeing other friends though. Guess we just moved on. Quit the band.. think Stars Apart is done.. not positive. Oh well.. happy to see Tom in a better band with good people.. he deserves it. He is darn good as we all know.

Please.. anyone who can play.. let me know.. I'll jam with anyone.. been playing 7 years now so I can't be too bad.;) hit me up with a post or call 215-757-1386. Anyone who knows friends who can play or looking for a drummer send them to me too.

Enough of that. I need some books / movies that anyone would suggest as well.



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Monday, January 13th, 2003
10:18 pm
Well this past weekend was very nice.

Friday Melissa had to cheer for a game so we could not see eachother. So intead I went to sacred Grounds to see my friend Ashely for her 18th birthday. Me, Tom, Ian, and Andrew went. It wasn't bad. Just the bands were. Besdies Jeff Says No. Ian and Tom came home with me and we played some video games then fell asleep to the Little Rascals.

Saturday we had practice. Shawn, Tom, Evan, Ian, Timmy, and Andrew were there. First we went to eat at New Village. Then for sometime we practiced. For around 10 minutes Me, Timmy, Ian, and Evan did a hardcore jam and we all went ballistic. My cymbal ended up off and thrown at Andrew. I almost broke my finger. Soon after (luckily) we finished, Melissa came over. Then everyone left but her. We watched some Disney chanell and then to support our city we watched the Eagles win. After that she left. Of course I had an amazing time with her. I truly love her. Once she left I hung out with Julian and Frez watching of course Can't Hardly Wait. Best movie.;P

Sunday Melissa came over at like 5 and we just hung out watching Disney until like 10. We watched the new Disney movie You Wish. It was okay, disney has had better.

That was it for a great Melissa-filled weekend.

Today I presented my graduation project. I did poorly. It was 30 seconds too short with reptition and stuttering. Oh well. I know I passed.

On the 24th of January we will be playing at Sacred Grounds so it would be nice if an or all of you could come see us. We have a pretty big surprise there that night as well as a fun show planned out. It shouldn't be bad.

Have a nice night.
I love you Melissa.

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Sunday, January 5th, 2003
10:16 pm - Back to school tomorrow..
Well tomorrow I go back to school and I reallt and loathed to.

Yesterday, saturday, I hung around the house until 7. Then I went to pick Melissa up at the basketball game she was cheering for. We hung out watching Disney and the movie Gotta Kick it Up I think until around 12 maybe. It was fun, as always...

Today I went to my uncle's for my grandmothers birthday and I had a good time seeing my dad's side of the family since I don't get to see much of them. After that I just got ready for school tomorrow, cleaned up all of my Christmas stuff, put it all away, was sad that I was going back, etc.

I am really dreading going back tomorrow. I don't even know why. For one, I don't want to have to get up early since i won't get any sleep since I've been staying up so late this break. For another, because of Melissa and friends/family this is been one of, if not THE, best holiday yet. I just don't want it to end. However, it has been some 16 odd days since I've been in school and I barely remember how it is so it might be nice for things to calm down and get back to normal. (Just let me think that so I can not be so mad about going back.)

I hope everyone's holidays were as good as mine.

Xoxox. I love you Melissa!

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Saturday, January 4th, 2003
12:02 pm - Happy New Year to all.
This was a great holiday in general.

On New Year's Eve Tom and Evan came over and we played some video games and we ate some pizza. Shortly after Melissa came over. Right after that Shawn, Erin, and Chrsita showed up. It was Christa's last night so it was nice to see her. Once they all were here we ate and hung out in the basement. They played video games and then we all played Battle of the Sexes and The Simpsons game. At 11:30 Chrsita and Erin left and we said by since she'd be going home the next day. At 12 we went up with my whole family then all went to Valley with my little cousins and brothers. At 12:30 MElissa left and then the boys stayed. was a very fun night.

New Years once everyone went home my whole family plus Melissa came for dinner. It was a pretty good dinner actually. Afterwards Melissa and I just had a good time watching the Lizzie McGuire marathon.

Thursday Shawn and Christina came over. It was HER last day this time so we enjoyed the time we had. We watched some movies and played some video games and basically just hung around.

That day she left for Florida and I was sad for a little. But oh well. Then Shawn left. At like 7 we picked Melissa up at the basketball game she was cheering for and she came over and we just hung out with Kyle watching Ferris Buller's Day off and Diagnosis Murder (haha) all night. Was funfun.:)

Today I actually dont know what I am doing.. we took the tree/decorations down and that's always sad so I figure I will watch the video tape of my family on Christmas and past Christmas. Maybe Melissa and I will hang out?

Well since I had not yet I look back on this year and it was a very good one if you ask me. As far as friends I've had the best of my life (The band and Julian). As far as music I've stayed in the band through the whole year playing many places, but not too many, and playing one semi-big show with SetAblaze which was a good night. And with girlfriends I was unlucky only having one unsucessful one for a week up until October which is still going stronger than ever and hope to say this next year on this post. And family may be rought due to my aunt and cousins but it is the best family and I love it and it's strong and supportive and showed it this year.

Hopefully everyone's year will turn out great. My resolution is to find anyway to be a better person, stop worrying, and eat better. (last one doubtful)

I loove you Melissa.

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Monday, December 30th, 2002
10:15 pm - Happy New Years Eve's Eve.
Heya. So my Christmas holiday was fun. I still plan to watch a few Christmas movies since I was too busy to earlier. I don't see why people don't all the time. Peopel watch Angels in the Outfield when it isn't baseball seaosn.;p

Anyway. Chrsitmas Day I woke up to open presents. I got a lot and I liked it all. I won't post it here but if you are intersted feel free to ask. At 1 I went to my Uncle dave's but we got lost and when we got there was when we were supposed to leave there for my grandmom's. We just dropped off gifts, got ours, and left. We got to my grandmother's house at like 3:45, ate dinner, exchanged gifts, and left at 8 with Chrsitina. Julian came over as well. We just hung around utilizing our new stuff.

The day after Christmas Shawn and Tom came over for practice. We played DanceDance most of the night, I love that game.:P Then Tom left so Shawn and I just played DanceDance some more. Julian was still here I think so we hung with him Fred and Kyle some. Shawn stayed the night.

Next day Shawn and I just played some video games I got until like 5. Right after Melissa came over. We kind of just hung around and watchedMr. Deeds, it was really good if you ask me. Then we watched the movie my sister's friends made called Mother, that is really funny. At 11 maybe she went home.

Saturday Melissa and I, for once, went out. We wanted to see a)Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone or The Hot Chick. Choice A was sold out and when we got to choice B there was no seats. Instead we saw Catch Me If You Can, which turned out to be most likely the best of the three movies. At 10:30 we came to my house. We hung out watching television until 1 o' clock when she left.

Yesterday Shawn and I met Erin and Christa at the mall. It was nice because I see Christa rarely ever since she lives in Ohio. They bought some stuff then we came back to my house aruond 5 where Julian was already with Frez. At maybe 7 they went home and as SOON as they left Melissa came. (Bad timing.) They played DanceDance and we started to watch Can't Hardly Wait ( again.:P) but soon after at around 11:30 we had to drive Melissa home. We finished the movie when I got back and we stayed up talking until maybe 5 which left me dead tired today.

Today Christina, Julian, and Shawn went home. Fred, Kyle and I played Animal Crossing until we had practice and Pat came. They played soem DanceDance again and left at around 8. Then I played more Animal Crossing. YEs a lazy day.:P

Tomorrow I play to have people over for New Years. SHould be fun.
New Years day I am having dinner with a bunch of family and Melissa is coming.

Has been a very nice holiday. Was nice seeing a lot of Melissa. Plan to enjoy the last 6 days of it.

I love Melissa.:)

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Tuesday, December 24th, 2002
11:25 pm - Merry Christmas Eve.
So this vacation's first quarter has been good.

On Friday night I went over Danielle R's house for her party. Shortly after Melissa arrived. I went to get my band's CD due to people asking to hear. The few that listened seemed to enjoy. It was basically a make-out party downstairs so I hung upstairs with Melissa, her brother, and her brother's girlfriend, Ali (Who happens to be the girl who put on the party's sister.) It was a fun night. And on a good note, a huge kid who hated me last year showing it but jumping on me and trying to ebat me up and throwing gum in my hair, officially does not hate me at all anymore.

Saturday for the first time I went over Melissa's house. She doesn't like her house so we never hung there. It was nice there. Her mother and father are very nice, I met her older sister who was nice as well. We watched Family Man(Guy?), which is a movie I love. Then The Cell, which was just odd, but not bad at all. We started to watch Legally Blonde, which seemed to be okay, didn't see too much of it. Then I went home.

Sunday night Melissa came over here. It was my cousin Freddy's birthday so we went out to the Olive Garden. It was fun with my whole family + Grandmom and Grandpop. It's fun to go ou to dinner with your girlfriend I realized, quality time. Then we came home and just hung around watching television. Wayne's World and 10 Things I Hate About You were on so we watched them.

Last night, Monday, I hung out with Shawn. We met at Struble so went over Erin's since it was so close by. We watched TV, they all ate dinner but me, and we listened to some of Evan's ghettoly-made rap songs from Fruity Loops. It was a fun night, especially since I rarely see Shawn regardless of the fact that he is on my bet friend list.:P

Today I went to church at 6 and saw a bunch of old friends from church and friendly of the family who went. After church I went over Melissa's and met 75% of her whole family. They are all very nice. We exchanged gifts. I got her a necklace that had a whitegold chain and the charm was a platinum droplet and in the droplet was a diamond. She got me some awesome gifts that took thought. She got me the movie Can't Hardly Wait, which we talked about ONCE and how I used to love it, the Vanessa Carlton CD (I don't care what one things- I like her a lot.), boxers (They're so cool.:P), and a dancing Pooh Bear that hums Jingle Bells. So we started Can't Hardly Wait until Tom Gait came over for some reason and Melissa went to say hi to him at her father's request. Shortly after Liz came over. At 10 she left and we watched more of the movie until I left at 10:30. Very fun nice.

Due to my families cricumstances people tend to take it uopen themselves to help us out. Today was showing that. A person drove up to my home, got out of their car, dropped off two gifts for every kid, $400 to Giant, wine, and a LOT of food, then pulled away before we could see who it was. Last year someone put $100 in our car. Some people are kind hearted.:) It makes me happy to know that.

Even though most people don't have the spirit claiming it does not feel like Christmas, it is snowing and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and hopefully a white one.:) Hope you all like what you get tomorrow.

Xoxox. Merry Christmas Eve.
I love you, Melissa.

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Tuesday, December 17th, 2002
8:00 pm - Hmm..
WEll.. the past two weeks have been fun. Been doing a lot.. well at times a lot.

Not this Friday but the last Tom, Evan, and Pat came over. Shawn was going to but he was sick until his mom got home, then he could not get a ride. Anyway ew just played on the computer and hung out. Pat went home, Tom and Evan stayed.

On Saturday I went to the Bensalem basketball game so Melissa could come over once she had finished cheering. At 7:30 JV ended so she coudl go home. We just hung around (which is highly underrated with a female type) until 11 I think.

The next day she came over after some type of shower and again we hung out from like 5:30 to maybe 9. Of course very fun as I said it is UNDERrated.

Then this Friday I went to the show at the church across from the highschool. Before it some kid who 'knows Melissa and I' went on and on over how his best friend is scheming against me since his friend is obsessed with Melissa so he was going to feed her lies and have ber break up with me. So I went to the show kind of down about that, after seeing NIneWillDie and KisstheCytic play and hearing Set Ablaze's very well played set (I love the one new song with the pauses then stick clicks back in) I walked home in the pouring rain and 30 degree weather. NOt that bad, puddles were knee deep, felt good to get home. Then Melissa and i talked and i was reassured no lamer trying to break us up woudl suceed in doing whath e was planning on. I now realize I think it was a fake.

Saturday Melissa came over and we were planning on goingto Polanka to see Days Away (love the band) but it got cancelled due to lack of payed downpayment, oh well, we had fun hanging out here.

Sunday My Family and I went to Sears in Oxford Valley to get a portrait taken. I was glad to get it done seeing how my family means so much to me and this is a great way to remember the times when we're young and well. After eating at the friendly's there (DISGUSTING) I went home and Melissa came over. We rented Lilo & Stitch(ehh, not bad, better from Disney.) and Home Alone(classic). Then I realized I HAD to finish my graduation project so prioroitzied life doing it in front of her. I offered to stop but she is smart and kindest person so made sure I finished.

I am very excited to take a break from school for the holidays. I take school very seriosuly not (First year ever) and am very possibly getting all As for the first time ever (This marking period was the first I got no C, ever.) So I stress out but it's worth it, so I will enjoy this break and time to spend with my family, Melissa, and of course my favorite boys ever in the band. I really love them and I am so emotional with everything unstable (basically everything but my foundation with Melissa) so take anger out on them and they stick with me. <3 much love.

And as for Melissa.. I hate naive kids and I hate being naive, but I love her. And it's not like I am saying this with no cause like some in youth, but I've loved her as a friend and more than so for over a year, so it's not the fact that we were brought closer in this relationsip that makes me love her, that makes me lover hre stronger, more, and longer. I know at this age it's unlikely.. VERY unlikely for someone to last, and if we don't it's something i'll deal with, but I, for th first time, am DONE caring what people think and say to me so I dare say I am IN love with her. Maybe I won't always think so, but for the moment, I am, and until the day I'm not (hey, may be never) I'm sticking with it. And even if I dont always say Im in love with her, I will always love her. And why? why do you love your parents/signifigant other/friends? that's why.

For the first time in this journal's history I wrote about my life and how I feel, but not in depth.

I love Melissa.

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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
7:32 pm
Hey.. I'll update about all I can remember of importance from the past two weeks.

Not this friday but the last Julian came over. We hung out and then I came online to talk to Melissa. Then I watched Little Nicky with him and Frez.

Saturday Melissa came over. We rented the movie Frailty. It was good, but very odd. After that we watched The Outsiders. Then we just came in to watch some TV.

Sunday Melissa came over again. She didn't get her until like 5. We just hung around the house, doing random fun things.

Monday Melissa came home on the bus with me. We spent time with eachother until like 5:30 until I had to go to the airpot. It was nice to see her before I left..
The flight was long and boring and at the descend I felt as if my temples would cave in and I would pass out from pain. I got in Orland at maybe 9:30. At 10 I finnaly found my uncle. It took us until around 12 to get home. Christina and Lauren were up when I got there. We 'caught up' until like 1. She went to bed though, she had school that next day.

When I woke up I just watched Comedy Central until Christina got home from school. She got home, we just hung out. I called Melissa and we talked for like an hour though. That day I discovered the lizzards, frogs, and neat things in her neighborhood, very weird.:P Later that day we went to the Flagler Hotel Restaurant and I got nachos.

Wednesday we went to Disney World. It took us like an hour to get there and we arrived at like 3.. at around 4 we went to Epcot. It was neat there. Then we went out to eat somewhere, I Don't even remember where.

Thursday we went to Magic Kingdom. I liked it there. The Disney Characters are neat.:P We went on some rides.. the only good one was Splash Mountain; that was fun. Then that night we went to MGM. We went on the Great American Movie Ride or something, it was okay. Then we left.

Friday I think we went back to Magic Kingdom. I Don't know how much more we did than the day before. Later that night we went to Disney Quest. It was really neat there, yet everything had the hugest wait. We did this raft simluation thing a few times and that was really neat. Then we made out own songs by chosing the lyrics, style, and singer style. I made a hiphop song, with a female hiphop singer, and chose the title "Girls are Better Than Boys" and called myself Eboniczman Pedro. Then we went home.

Saturday we went to Animal Kingdom and went on the funnest ride I got to go on called Dinosaur. Then I called Melissa when they went on some rapids thing, it was too cold to me to go on. Then we went back to Epcot and we got to just walk around. It was fun. Later that night in the Italy part we went to Al Fredos. It was very nice there.

Throughout the vacation all I got was a little cap thing from Morroco in Epcot for $8, a Buddha Figure for $5.50, the song I made for $10, and an Eeyore Christmas Animal for $XX for Melissa.:) DIdn't spend too much at all.

Sunday we just ate breakfast then went home. The flight wasn't as long this time. I also wasn't alone this time. Then when I got back, Melissa came with, was very happy about that. She was over until 10. It was very nice to see her. although it was for one week I still missed her lots.:)

It was an okay vacation, think it was funner seeing Melissa after it all.:P

I love Melissa.

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Friday, November 22nd, 2002
3:13 pm
This is kind of late but I'll pots about the previous weekend.

On Friday Melissa and I went over Jay's house. Liz, Jay, Funk, Shane, Frank, and Laura were there. We watched A Bronx Tale, which was veryy good. Then we watched some TV and uh hung around.

Saturday night I sat at home pretty much. Then I went out to rent movies for tomorrow. I downloaded 75 Beavis and Butthead epsiodes only to find the next day it would break.:(

Sunday night Melissa came over at 2. We went to the mall to get Jackie a present for her surprise party. We got uhh a few things.:P Then we came back home. We watched Little Nicky, which I liked. Then we watched Pay it Foward, which is so sad but great. Then we came in and watched some Disney. At 11 she left.

Monday night Melissa and I went to the surprise party at the Great American Diner Pub and it was fun. A lot of people suppoesdly did not show up. Oh well. I got mozzerala sticks and peabut butter pie.

Since my computer broke I bought a new one. It's a Hewlett Packard. The processor is 2200+Gghz, 512 DDR RAM, 32MB DDRSDRAM, 80 gig harddrive, CR-RW, and a DVD-ROM. Quite all right.

Tonight I am probably hanging out with Julian. As for the rest of the weekend I will be with Melissa. Monday night I leave for Florida/Disney World until sunday.

I love Melissa.

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Wednesday, November 13th, 2002
4:19 pm
Hmm haven't updated for a while.. will write about things of any importance..

On Tuesday we had off (I think it was this day), so Melissa came over. We watched Scobby-Doo. Then we hmm watched the Disney Channel, Lizzie McGuire and that cheesy movie Up, Up, and Away.

On Thursday it was my brother's 4 year old brother's birthday. Melissa came over. After watching him be spoiled and open all his presents we went for a walk for like an hour. Then we watched one of my Charlie Brown movies.:P

On Friday Melissa and I went to a show to see some girl who (supposedly) looked like her. Of course she didn't. (Ony person completes perfection, duhh.:P) The show itsself was horrible but walking around Fallsington with Melissa made it funfun.

On saturday I went to Dolystown to see Evan with Tom and Shawn. SometimeInApril was playing at his school so of course we went to support those sex machines. After watching 2 hours of old Beavis and Butthead we left for the show, but not for long.. I thought I was tough and thought I would life a downed playground piece. To my unsurprise, I dropped it. So it cracked in half. *Runs* Yeah we stayed home for a little. Later in the day, after eating pizza we went back. Bad bands band bands ,etc. Then SIA, who in my opinion, played quite well, with the exception of Evan turning EVERY channel off during Destoying all that Remainds instead of just distortion channel. Then we went home and I read The Hobbit.

Sunday night Melissa came over to no surprise. We watched, hmmmm, what did we watch/do. We went for a walk again. We watched Sleepers then Billy Madison.

On monday, again, she came over again and we watched The Wedding Singer. After that we just watched some television and had a great time doing nothing.

All we do is watch movies that's why nothing was of length because movies take up time.:P

Obviously, I've found a new hobby.:P

I love you, Melissaa.


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Sunday, November 3rd, 2002
9:14 pm - :)
This weekend was very nice...

On halloween I came home and sat online for a little. Then I went to Polanka and met up with Melissa there. We just stayed together and kind of watched the bands. I missed June Spirit while I was outside and then left as ALifeOnceLost went on. But it was still awesome.

Friday Melissa, Jay, Liz, Tom, Evan, Shawn, Julian, Chris, and Pat were over. We practiced some since the whole band was there. Then they all left the shed but me, Melissa, Jay, and Liz. We watched Fight Club. Of course that par of the night was awesome.=) Then Melissa, Jay, Liz, and Pat left. I watched the rest play Dungeons and Dragons then fell asleep to Beavis and Buthead Do America.

Saturday they all left but Julian. So me Frez and Julian walked up to Julian's grandmoms and did some yard work for her. Then Chris came back again. I came upstairs to see if Melissa and I were going to do something but instead of that we talked on the phone from then until 11:30. That was pretty awesome.:P Then I went back downstairs and fell asleep to American Pie 2.

Today Melissa and Jim came over at like 4. We watched Ace Ventura Pet Detective and then watched Jim play The Bouncer. Then my family came home from being away all weekend. It was nice and peaceful without those ten people here.=) but tonight was quite awesome. Everynight spent with Melissa is. That's because.. well.. SHE is.:PP

That's all for an awesome week.:) Have a nice night everbbody.


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Monday, October 14th, 2002
3:22 pm - Dfdfdyeah.
I am updating just for the sake of updating since I have not in few days and I said I would.:P This weekend was fun. On friday we went up to Evan's. We went up to a skating rink, God knows why.. and being Shawn is anti-social and I am not the hugest fan of places like that we walked around Hatfield. We went to a pizza place then went to Walmart. We bought 10 Things I Hate About You for $6 since my cousin stole it. They had good deals, good movies all for $6.:PP Then we had to go into skating once we got back from Walmart so we didn't get arrsted for loitoring.:P It was so lame. But Evan got some.. action.. if ya get what I mean.:PP Then some Avril Levine girl started hanging on Tom and he had the most disguted look on his face, what a moment. On saturday we played the lamest show yet, but hey, we had an all right time. After that Evan and I went to homecoming. It was pretty fun. We won..21-12? Against Truman. Dante D'Andreasomething and Adrian Hope won. I saw Melissa and talked to her at the end.=)) Then we went back to my house and Tom, Shawn, Evan, Danielle, and Melissa came over.=) We had fun, we got pizza and watched Ferris Beuler and Beavis and Butthead. Then on sunday I went over Shawn's. We went to Dairy Queen. Came back. Got Jim. Went back to Dairy Queen. Went to Jim's. Then got Melissa and Liz. That was fun.

Then something happened which I won't broadcast:P all over, which will be keeping me happy. So if you care just ask I will tell you.:)

Anyway today is practice. And that's all..

I love Melissa.=)

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Thursday, October 10th, 2002
5:50 pm - Fuggar this.
I stopped updating. But I will (in theory) start again. Uh lately has been fun. School is not so much easy but nothing to complain about. All high As and a B in chemistry.. I went to 1 show few weeks back. I don't know. I saw Anti-Flag for the how many times. Pipedown was all right. The Arsons weren't. Bouncing Souls were dissapointing. Anti-Flag played well with a horrible set list though. I talked to them, they were nice. I met girl named Cait there, she is qutie all right to say the least. We played last weekend. It went very well between Shawn ripping open his finger, Tom popping the string he needed most and having to improvise, my front flip over the rack, or us covering SIA and the crowd loving it. We have a show this weekend. We could have 2 shows the weekend of the 26th if we have rides there. I wish I was at Coheed and Thrice right now. This weekend I am going somewhere with Evan, Shawn, and Tom so Evan can go on some date with this girl. On saturday Evan might come back. If you want to hang out call.

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